Bulova Pink Watch

bulova pink watch

  • Bulova is a now defunct Hong Kong football club which were dissolved after the 1984-85 season.

  • Bulova is a corporation making watches and clocks. It has its headquarters in Woodside, Queens, New York City.

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  • Keep under careful or protective observation

  • a small portable timepiece

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Bulova 690

Bulova 690

One of the nicer looking Bulova radios in my opinion. This one is from the early 60's. There is no indication of where it was made but many of the components look Japanese.
It is shirtpocket sized and has a nice looking medallion for the on/off/volume knob.
Marketed as the "Jupiter".

I bought this radio a couple of years ago and it was missing the volume knob. I figured I'd find a replacement one day. Well just recently I bought an entire lot of new-old-stock Bulova radio knobs and there were four of these in the bunch. What luck.

Bulova 690 red

Bulova 690 red

Since Bulova radios were sold in jewelry stores they had to have a bit of pizazz and flash integrated into their design in order to stand out amongst all the diamonds, gold and silver.
This 690 had no problem competing with the jewelry with its bold speaker grill and medallion-like volume knob.
I am uncertain of the manufacturer (Bulova did not make their own radios - many were made by Matsushita) This shirtpocket set was made in Japan.

This model radio was called the "Jupiter"

bulova pink watch

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