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watch old hindi movie

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  • Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty

  • Secretly follow or spy on

  • a small portable timepiece

  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time

  • Keep under careful or protective observation

  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"

Immersion 101 - Lesson two... Just be yourself!

Immersion 101 - Lesson two...  Just be yourself!

I have wanted to tell the below story for a while now but couldn’t. I can now, though. The story is about a uninformed American security contractor working alongside TCNs (Third Country Nationals), as it is known by “Westerners” or, Americans. A common reference word is also “Easterner”.

Well, I was working about 17 hours a day with little time to myself. What time I did have to myself was spent washing, cleaning up, eating and mostly, SLEEPING! Our in country “briefings” on the local culture and customs were severely lacking at best - just like every single other one I have received from the Balkans so the South Pacific. One day I hope to be the instructor for these classes; I will be for my own company one year in the future.

But anyway, back to the story… as some of you may or may not know, where I was working, the exact same spot, authorities thwarted a terrorist attack that was supposed to take place during the last Ramadan in Kuwait. The terrorists were taken into custody only weeks before the actual attack. This being said, I’m sure you may have a greater appreciation for the work we did over there. All of our tempers were to be tested the very first day of Ramadan.

This particular night I was assigned to the outer perimeter or, the very first spot any attacker would try to penetrate. Security levels were high and we were all on edge. It was about two in the morning when all of a sudden the word comes down of an alert. A large truck had failed one of the many tests set in place before any vehicle is granted access past that initial point of entry. My particular job at that moment was the over watch of all the TCNs or, Easterners or, non American citizens, while the rest of the security forces did their job to diffuse the situation as best they could.

I had about twenty TCNs under my watch. I had two other partners who were Indian Nationals but shared the same job title and description I did - translators. Most of the TCNs are from Pakistan, India and the Philippines. The Indians speak Hindi while the Pakistanis speak Urdu - from what I am told by both Pakistanis and Indians, there is only minor differences between the two. Anyone who speaks Indian can talk with anyone who speaks Urdu and vice versa but, each respective party will instantly know what the other is speaking and what respective country is claimed by the speaker. I guess the best way to explain it would be to take a deep southern American, drawn out “twang” speaker and sit him down with a British national and have them talk. LOL…I’d actually like to see this! It would make for a good scene in a movie.

Without warning one of the TCNs under my care suddenly breaks the boundaries of the place he is supposed to be in for security reasons. I scream over at him to stay behind the wall but he doesn’t listen. The man continues past the security wall and begins to pick up very large rocks from the desert sand. Now I don’t know about you but, where I come from, anyone who starts to collect large rocks during an emergency situation while blatantly disregarding the commands of the police on scene is doing so for a reason - and usually these reasons have bad intentions.

I have been charged with the care and custody of men under my control for over 15 years now: from a deputy sheriff jailor with a facility that claimed over six thousand beds to a violent Juvenile offender wilderness boot camp program to a police officer, I know what it is and what it means to have to manage fellow human beings stuck in a place they don’t want to be in. Trust me, it is not easy! Put me on top of this custodial cake as a young looking, skinny “cherry”, for a lack of a better adjective! LOL…. Everyone tells me I look 10 to 15 years younger than I really am. This mixed with my small stature has proved difficult at times to quickly gain the respect of the men and women under my care. I can tell you this, though, I learned early on to just be myself. There will always be those in a crowd “leaders” who will try and challenge my authority, testing me, to see just how weak I am and how bullied I can be.

I only give two verbal warnings before I step into the mix. After this man collecting large rocks from outside the security barricade he was “required” to remain in failed to heed my warnings I had that little switch flip within me. I start cussing, and screaming at this man as I walk towards him in a “threatening” manner. I hit his hands knocking the rocks free as they fell into the sand. I then grabbed him by the arm and tried to escort him back into the security zone. The man resists and I take a step back as I put my right hand on my sidearm while my left hand keys the mike to the radio but I do not speak. I’m telling you at this point I am PISSED OFF! My IPC skills go right out the door here because I take the man’s actions as a blatant act of disrespect towards myself as well as a direct challenge of my authority. If I were t

The Second Hand Shoe Shop Bandra

The Second Hand Shoe Shop Bandra

195,635 items / 1,599,441 views

His second hand shoe shop is held up by the wall of the Tata Parsi Agiary, and on the corner of Main Hill Road and Chinchpokli Road inner lane connecting to De Monte Street , he lives in the tenements slums of Gonsalves Wadi..

I have known him since we first came to Bandra to stay at Kamla Bai Sadan De Monte street , he has seen my kids grow he has seen me too,as I came at this junction to start my early morning boozing at Irani cafe across the road , or at Yacht the earliest opening booze joint next St Andrew Church, or later at Casbah every night boozing my liver away .. and than as both Irani Cafe and Casbah closed down I moved to another joint close to his cobbler shop Canara booze joint..

So in silence he watched me my life my fall my trepidation my agony my mental chaos than I gave up booze completely he saw me in new light I took up photography as a alternative to booze , a very intoxicating option and when I turned blogger in 2005 I began shooting his Olde Shoe Shoppe as I called it , we were both friends admirers of late Head Priest Mr Vaziddar , that bound us completely along with Marziya my grand daughter about 18 months old I passed his shop to take Marziya to her nursery, though I moved away about 5 years back to Bandra Reclamation he continued to be my friend and again as I pass him everyday to my workplace he feels happy I shoot him his family..

I internationalized him his shoes , he did great business when guys bought shoes from him to hit college principals politicians but now the fad has gone even second hand shoes are expensive to throw on the face of scams and corruption.

Now his clients street kids, drinking kids from the nearby pub and Bollywood hung up guys girls by his stuff.Even Bollywood strUgglers who want to step into Sharukhs shoes buy footwear from him..

His collection is amazing and filmy .. all old shoes from film production he buys in bulk, but he buys a shoe trunk , Amitjis shoes from Hum , Silsila , and most of his hit movies lie with him , on the other side but not facing each other are Kolhapuri chappals of Mr Rajesh Khanna including the flat mojdi like leather slip ons, Mithundas old films including some fancy stuff of Disco Dancer ..

Crazy boots with heavy elevators of Govindaji Chichi.. all dancing boots , he has stuff of Mr Mogambo late Amridsh Puri Saab.. , shiny suede boots of Mr Rajnikants old Hindi films , and the list is far too long..

Than he has the lady heartthrobs stuff too Rekhajis high heel shoes are much in demand , even pretty cute slippers worn by Madhuriji, Raveenijis shoes in snakeskin , he has most of the stuff of Karishmaji , though he is in a deal with a filmy second hand stuff dealer he hopes to get some stuff of Deepika and Katrina Kaif too.

His hottest selling items are hidden from view and he calls them Being Human collection each pair generously autographed by Salman Khan , Salman Khan Bhai as he calls him loves this shoe seller and his family and has bailed him out financially too, both his grant children study through a grant by Salim Saab..

He calls Salim Saab his God and has pleaded to tell Arbaz bhai to give him the trunk of Dabbang footwear , young girls want Sonakshi Sinhas slippers , and Salman bhais lucky box office hit stuff too.

Sharukhs shoes his boots are in demand but it is Salman Bhai the Bandra dude do gooder they all want.. he has advance orders of Salman bhais new films like Ready..

This was a blank post till night and now I have added my Bollywood angst..

watch old hindi movie

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