Waltham Ladies Wrist Watch

waltham ladies wrist watch

    wrist watch
  • For thousands of years, devices have been used to measure and keep track of time. The current sexagesimal system of time measurement dates to approximately 2000 BC, in Sumer. The Ancient Egyptians divided the day into two 12-hour periods, and used large obelisks to track the movement of the Sun.

  • A watch worn on a strap around the wrist

  • wristwatch: a watch that is worn strapped to the wrist

  • Waltham is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, billed by the Chamber of Commerce as an early center for the labor movement. The original home of the Boston Manufacturing Company, the city was a prototype for 19th century industrial city planning.

  • A historic industrial and academic city in eastern Massachusetts, on the Charles River, west of Boston; pop. 59,226

  • Waltham is a rock band who formed in 1999. The band takes its name from its hometown of Waltham, Massachusetts. The band is composed of Frank Pino, Jr. (lead vocals), Alex Fiorentino (lead guitar), Tony Monaco (rhythm guitar), Peet Golan (bass and vocals), and Mikey Rorick (drums).

  • Waltham is a passenger rail station on MBTA Commuter Rail's Fitchburg Line. It is located in downtown Waltham and is a short walk from many restaurants, shops and bars along Moody Street and Main Street, as well as the Embassy movie theater.

  • A women's public toilet

  • (lady) dame: a woman of refinement; "a chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady"

  • A woman (used as a polite or old-fashioned form of reference)

  • (lady) a polite name for any woman; "a nice lady at the library helped me"

  • (lady) a woman of the peerage in Britain

  • An informal, often brusque, form of address to a woman

Tokyo Flash Retro Wrist Watch

Tokyo Flash Retro Wrist Watch

Original Tokyo Flash Japan

Built like a tank. It has certainly seen some action.

These watches were a popular time piece during the Cylon war which was popularly depicted in the TV series Battlestar Galactica. Officer and soldiers a like enjoyed them for their cool factor. They also fitted in well with their retro tech that the Cylons had trouble hacking. Thus maintaing good time while drifting about in space in mortal fear of extiction.

It was rumoured though never confirmed that these watches could be used as a last ditch option as a deadly weapon, where one would pound and opponents skull into the metal floor to concluded a drunken argument. Such sense of extreme watch violence were omitted from TV for the sake of the children.

wrist watch cake

wrist watch cake

this was made to look like a Marc Ecko watch. It is covred with rolled fondant, isomalt jewels and gold luster dust.

waltham ladies wrist watch

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